Loopring has announced the PwC-Loopnest Blockchain Acceleration program in conjunction with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), which is one of the “big four” accountancy and professional firms in the world.

Announced earlier this month, Loopring will be a technical advisor of Loopnest, providing blockchain technology support and cryptocurrency services for the emerging program.

The programme will reportedly “equip participants with valuable expertise that will enable them to understand the blockchain, and how to effectively put the technology to use.” Loopring states that its role in the programme will include “providing guidance on risk controls, tax compliance, regulation, distributed ledger technology, business models and security token offerings (STO) in the emerging digital economy.”

William Gee of PwC China/Hong Kong had this to say about the initiative: “we are keen to get our work with Loopnest on this Programme underway. The joint endeavour demonstrates our continuous commitment to embrace disruptive change, nurture talent and equip forward-looking individuals with the means to flourish in the new digital economy.”

While Terence Lam, co-founder and CEO of Loopnest made a separate statement on the partnership between the platform and PwC: “we are excited to have PwC supporting the Programme. With PwC’s established expertise in the field of governance, risk and controls, as well as specialist input in tax and regulatory aspects, participants to the Programme can have access to technical advice, as well as important non-technical components that address transparency and accountability in the digital ecosystem.”

The original press release by PwC Hong Kong can be read here.