Coupit, a USA-based e-commerce project with a sales affiliate program, has announced that it will be selecting candidates to participate in the closed alpha of the Coupit marketplace. Participants will be selected on December 14th, 2018. The application process is now open.

Coupit Closed Alpha

Participants in Coupit’s closed alpha will be expected to aid the development of the Coupit app and marketplace by using and testing its features, some of which are shown in a video demo that was published in September. Participants will be placed in contact with Coupit’s developers to share feedback and suggest features. The alpha will use TestNet currency for development purposes.

Regarding plans for marketing its platform, Coupit reports that “Once we get closer to the release date we will begin to market the product”; Coupit claims to have “everything in place” for a future marketing campaign, but is choosing to focus its efforts on development.

Recoupit Distribution

Coupit has stated that its monthly Recoupit (RCPT) distribution to COUP holders went mostly according to plan, and will fill “those few orders that were not completed” manually. Coupit advises parties interested in the monthly RCPT airdrop should move their assets off of the LATOKEN exchange, because it does not list RCPT; however, Switcheo as well private NEO wallets are able to support the airdrop.

Coupit’s development invitation can be read in full at the following link: