Magic Cube, a NEO-based gaming and entertainment platform, has released an updated version of its whitepaper and launched a 10-day comment contest on Twitter. The competition offers MCC tokens to two commenters that provide insightful responses to one of two questions.

In its whitepaper, Magic Cube positions itself as a solution to various pain points encountered by developers in the gaming industry. The team also outlines its governance model, introduces the different project features that are under design, and proposes its model for ecosystem incentivization via the MCC token.

Additionally, the updated whitepaper notes the team’s plans for expanding their GTO (game token offering) platform to a cross-chain Layer 2 platform that uses a modified Tendermint consensus mechanism named Separation of Powers (SOP). This cross-chain system is hoped to “help traditional games convert onto the blockchain” and allow game assets to be traded between public blockchains.

Contest Participation Rules

The competition will award 15,000 MCC tokens to a 1st place winner, and 5,000 MCC tokens to the runner-up. Participants will need to answer one of two possible questions:

Question 1: What is your favorite part of the white paper and why?

Question 2: What goal/part of Magic Cube makes you most excited?

Magic Cube outlined the steps that community members must follow to qualify for the contest and submit their answers:

  1. Read the updated Magic Cube whitepaper.
  2. Follow the official Magic Cube Twitter account.
  3. Like and retweet the contest announcement.
  4. Reply to the announcement tweet with an answer to one of the previously mentioned questions.

According to Magic Cube, the event will run from July 7th to July 17th to give users time to read the whitepaper. Following the conclusion of the competition, the Magic Cube team will review all the responses and select 1st and 2nd place winners.