On June 20th, NEO holders received a SEAS token airdrop from the Smart Exchange Architect (SEA) Foundation. For each 100 NEO that a user held in a private wallet, 1 SEAS token was airdropped. A total of 1,000,000 SEAS were set aside for the airdrop. The snapshot for the airdrop was taken at NEO’s block height 3,900,800 and distributed SEAS to around 31,000 wallet addresses.

NEO News Today had the chance to catch up with Andre Tan, marketing director of SEA Foundation, to discuss a bit more about the recent airdrop and the team’s current efforts.

About the SEA Foundation

The SEA Foundation’s vision is to “eliminate and subvert internet financial intermediaries and eliminate moral hazard in the financial industry,” according to Tan.

Solutions the SEA Foundation seeks to deliver include peer-to-peer settlement through smart contracts, reduced transaction fees, ease of sifting though blockchain information, and dividends to investors.

The SEA Foundation has also partnered with other entities within the Smart Economy such as NEO, Alchemint, NEO Name Service, and NEO Global Capital. The team chose to use the NEO blockchain in their tech stack because it is among the earliest public blockchains in China and has a focus on compliance. They also highlighted the strength of its development tools and technological research.

Currently, the SEA Foundation offers a NEO block explorer, as well as a wallet with a GitHub page dating back to June 2018. The SEA Wallet is available for web, desktop, iOS, and Android applications.

Airdrop and Moving Forward

The airdrop was distributed to increase awareness about the SEA intelligent asset management platform, which seeks to provide its users with various peer-to-peer digital asset management services. Such services may include loans, payment transfers, price forecasting, and token lockups. The SEA platform will offer a non-custodial exchange, where users maintain control over the private keys to their NEO, GAS, NEP-5, or Ontology assets, with plans to add atomic swap functionality down the road.

Though, moving forward, the team would like to integrate smart forecasting, lending and crowdfunding opportunities, and a dApp store, among other goals. Tan highlighted the SEA Foundation’s vision for smart forecasting is that it will “enable peer-to-peer, ethical risk-based gambling, forecasting, and quizzes through smart contract procedures.