MegaOasis has launched its latest NFT collection, titled Solitude. The series of four works by Andhika Ramadhian was created to explore the feeling of isolation and the growth opportunities that solitude can provide.

Solitude is the 6th collection launched on MegaOasis so far. Doors to the sale opened on April 27. One NFT is being auctioned, two are for straight sale with quantities limited to nine, and one is for sale with no quantity limit. Tokens will remain available for two weeks. The available NFTs are:

  • Sunshine: 100 NEO auction start price, limit of 1
  • Lost: 10 NEO fixed price, limit of 9
  • Tumbling Light: 10 NEO fixed price, limit of 9
  • Sailor: 5 NEO fixed price, no mint limit

MegaOasis is also hosting a giveaway on Twitter, celebrating the launch by offering 20 Sailor NFTs to participants.

Tumbling Light by Andhika Ramadhian

Andhika Ramadhian is a designer, digital artist, and photographer from Indonesia. His work is often described as simple, minimal, surreal, and making broad use of bright color, which is intended to prompt thoughtful reflection on the part of the observer.

Ramadhian gives the following introduction to the Solitude collection:

“Solitude is perhaps the most natural of exercises available to us. That is where we cultivate some of the most fertile states for the brain and the spirit, when we experience the biggest torments and the most comforting tranquility. Funny thing when you’re alone. Happy or not you behave the same.”

Users may explore the collection and purchase NFTs at the link below: