General Updates

Neo hosted a booth at Consensus 2023, which took place in Austin, TX. Neo News Today published a video a walkthrough of the event, showcasing the popularity of the OneBand NFT ring activation. Additionally, NNT conducted interviews with Neo Research, COZ, Forthewin Network, Greenfinch, AxLabs, Flamingo Finance / Meme2Earn, GhostMarket, and NGD Enterprise. COZ CEO Tyler Adams also provided a demonstration of the entire OneRing NFT ring onboarding process and interaction with ecosystem partner pods. To conclude the event, Neo hosted an after-party that allowed OneBand owners to use their ring to redeem a drink.

Neo co-founder Da Hongfei was featured in a Blockworks article, where he discussed Neo’s “walk towards decentralization,” the role bridges have in interoperability, and Neo N3’s modularity.

Neo partnered with Alchemy Pay to improve the accessibility of Neo N3-based tokens. Alchemy Pay aims to streamline blockchain users’ on- and off-ramping experience, enabling them to purchase cryptocurrencies using their preferred local fiat currencies. Neo’s partnership with Alchemy Pay will begin with listing NEO, GAS, and FLM on the Alchemy Pay plugin.

Neo Global Development hosted a Twitter Spaces dedicated to zero-knowledge proofs and scalability. The space was hosted by NNT editor Brett Rhodes and featured guests from R3E Network, Mystiko Network, Opside ZK, and ZkMeta.

Flamingo updated the landing page for its non-custodial exchange and added a new “get started” page. The landing page now includes highlighted liquidity pools, a FLUND summary section, the top token on the exchange, and more. The get started page offers improved text and video guides to familiarize users with the platform. Flamingo hosted an AMA to talk about the non-custodial DeFi platform and cryptocurrencies with its community members.

GrantShares proposal NeoFlow: Analytics Dashboard for Exploring Activities in NEO was put onchain for a vote for funding, and Renewed iOS SDK (Milestone 3 of 3) was put forth for discussion.

Mega Oasis launched the Solitude series on its NFT marketplace, the platform’s fourth collection and first collaboration with artist Andhika Ramadhian.

Meme2Earn hosted a fireside event to open up conversations about the meme-based platform and to celebrate a burn of the TIPS tokens.

DogeRift announced a partnership with PolyNetwork, which made it possible for the DOGER token to get listed on Binance Smart Chain’s Pancake Swap non-custodial exchange.

nDapp enhanced the GAS calculator to now allow users to estimate different earnings based on the selection of different council members.

Developer Updates 

The OneBand NFT ring was showcased in TechTimes and Yahoo! Finance news.


June 10 – 11: Flamingo Finance to participate in Web3 Berlin.

Token Listings

DOGER was listed on Pancake Swap.