Neo has partnered with Alchemy Pay to improve the accessibility of Neo N3-based tokens. Alchemy Pay aims to streamline the on- and off-ramping experience for blockchain users, enabling them to purchase cryptocurrencies using their preferred local fiat currencies.

Alchemy Pay was founded by a team of experienced payment solution developers and blockchain enthusiasts who are passionate about creating seamless fiat-crypto exchange experiences. The platform offers a direct-to-customer plugin that can be integrated and deployed by dApps and platforms built on Neo N3, providing users with a comprehensive range of payment options.

The payment service currently supports Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and Diners Club in 173 countries, as well as domestic transfers and mobile wallets in developing markets. Alchemy Pay reports offering a user-friendly KYC process, competitive fees, and favorable conversion rates.

Neo’s partnership with Alchemy Pay will begin with the listing of NEO, GAS, and FLM on the Alchemy Pay plugin. This will make the assets available to all buyers and sellers using the solution’s payment network.

The project’s co-founders expressed their excitement about joining the Neo community, emphasizing the ease of engagement it brings to users within the ecosystem. The integration of on- and off-ramps marks the latest development in the ongoing collaboration between Neo and Alchemy Pay and opens the door for future partnership opportunities.

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