Neo announced an upcoming Twitter Spaces focused on zero-knowledge proofs and scalability. A panel of guests from projects making active use of zero-knowledge proofs will join and discuss their applicability for scaling, privacy. and security. The discussion will begin at 12:00 p.m. (UTC) on Tuesday, April 25.

The Spaces will be co-hosted by NNT editor Brett Rhodes and feature panelists from R3E Network, Opside, Mystiko, and zkMeta. The event will last approximately an hour and will be recorded.

R3E Network is a new Neo developer community that aims to deliver a real-time oracle solution alongside a mix of developer-facing zero-knowledge tools. The team is exploring trustless execution, smart contract automation, gas-free contracts, Rust adoption, and more.

Opside is a multi-layered network that aims to support highly scalable zk-rollup-based applications. The project provides a bridge layer between major public blockchains and its own rollup-friendly blockchain, Opside Chain. Developers can use the provided tools to deploy general-purpose and app-specific zk-rollups which publish data and proofs to the Opside Chain.

Mystiko is a Privacy-as-a-Service platform that uses zero-knowledge proofs to provide financial privacy while retaining auditability. By implementing its SNARK protocol across all major Layer 1 blockchain platforms, the team seeks to make Mystiko a base layer for atomic cross-chain operations.

zkMeta is a “game-specific” Layer 2 for Polygon. It claims to make use of Polygon’s native ZK solutions to provide high scaling, low fees, and an assortment of tools to target game developers.

The full announcement can be found at the link below: