Neo Global Development welcomed DogeRift, a 3D Metaverse gaming platform, into the EcoBoost program. DogeRift aims to impact the blockchain gaming industry by providing an immersive gaming experience that integrates Play2Earn mechanics, NFT collections, and a strong social community.

DogeRift was established by a team of experienced game developers and blockchain enthusiasts who are passionate about crafting unique gaming experiences. The platform offers various gameplay options, an in-game economy powered by DogeRift-native tokens, and exclusive NFT collections.

The game currently features an adventure mode and minigame activities, including parkour and football. The experience is accompanied by a Play2Earn system that aims to address the limited earning opportunities found in traditional gaming. Players can earn rewards and exclusive NFTs through gameplay and community engagement.

DogeRift co-founders Zoxyi and Bijac expressed their enthusiasm about building in the Neo ecosystem. Bijac added: “”We chose to build our platform on the Neo N3 blockchain because of its trifecta of advanced features, scalability, and strong developer support. The N3 platform gives us an ideal environment for building a robust gaming ecosystem with a high-performance smart contract system, low transaction fees, and fast confirmation times.”

About EcoBoost

Initiated in 2019, the EcoBoost program received $100 million in funding to recruit partners. In 2022, the program relaunched with a $200 million treasury, focusing on onboarding dApps, projects, and teams into the Neo ecosystem. The program’s objective is to incubate businesses that contribute to the growth and success of projects utilizing the Neo blockchain.

Members of the EcoBoost program can become eligible for lifecycle support, including funding up to $50,000, technological assistance, community access, marketing support, token listings, stimulation of liquidity, and access to other industry resources. For more information about the application process, visit Neo’s Eco Support page.

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