General Updates

Neo Global Development announced that DogeRift joined the Neo EcoBoost program, part of an effort to showcase the potential of decentralized applications in the entertainment sector. As part of the collaboration, DogeRift aims to revolutionize the blockchain gaming industry by providing a unique experience that combines immersive gameplay with Play2Earn mechanics, NFT collections, and a strong social community.

Neo hosted a Twitter Spaces to offer an overview of highlights from the Web3 Festival in Hong Kong. Discussion topics included conversations with regulators in HK, potential digitization of fiat currencies and other stablecoins in HK, current regional industry trends, the gachapon machine and onsite experience at the Neo booth, a brief overview of the Meta Island and Perlin Finance projects that were at the booth, the status of ZK proofs on Neo, and much more.

Neo announced an upcoming Twitter Spaces focusing on zero-knowledge proofs and scalability. The Spaces will be co-hosted by NNT editor Brett Rhodes and feature panelists from R3E Network, OPSIDE, MYSTIKO, and ZkMeta. The hour-long discussion will begin at 12:00 p.m. (UTC) on Tuesday, April 25.

The Neo community released several announcements ahead of Consensus 2023, which is taking place April 26 – 28 in Austin, Texas. COZ is rolling out OneBand, a physical ring that stores digital assets and communicates with NFC readers via tapping. The ring will also serve as a toolkit enabling other developers to build upon it. R3E Network co-founder Jinghui Liao will join a fireside chat alongside KaratDAO, zkSync, and OKEx at the Space Odyssey launch event beginning at 7:30 p.m. (UTC) on Thursday, April 27. And, several communities have announced they’ll be attending Consensus 2023, including Flamingo Finance, AxLabs, Meme2Earn, and Greenfinch.

Flamingo integrated support for the non-custodial exchange into the NeoLine mobile wallet. And, Flamingo released an infographic on the top pools by volume for week 15 of 2023, with approximately US $2.84 million in the FLM/bNEO pool, $1.19 million in the bNEO/fWBTC pool, and $1.03 million in the FLM/fWBTC pool.

Pink Paper is hosting a writing competition with a total prize pool equivalent to US $1,000. Participants can submit written content about the Neo ecosystem or Pink Paper. Once published on the decentralized content platform, participants must retweet their article on Twitter, including a link to a particular Pink Paper tweet and the #PinkPaper hashtag in the retweet. The Pink Paper team will judge the submissions and determine the winners. The competition is currently live through Tuesday, April 25.

The GrantShares proposal put forth by the KIKA Token Software Company expired this week.

Meme2Earn announced the winners of a ticket giveaway campaign for the Web3 Berlin conference taking place in June 2023.

DogeRift was listed on the website, which serves as an aggregator for play-to-earn games.

TOTHEMOON shared a teaser of some of the items in its forthcoming arcade game, which included lore and a 3D renderings of some of the advanced weapons that can be equipped on characters.

Mega Oasis announced the launch of its fourth collection, and first collaboration with artist Andhika Ramadhian, which will take place on April 27.

Kepple (formerly QLC Chain) initiated the NEP-5 QLC to BSC-20 KPL token migration via the Kepple token swap portal.

Developer Updates

COZ updated Neon Wallet mobile to v1.2, which included the integration of developer features like private and custom network support, TestNet support, PrivateNet WalletConnect 2.0- support, and other minor defect mitigations to improve the UX.

Neo News Today released an introduction article to the R3E Network, which has the goal of enriching the Neo developer ecosystem through innovative tools. The R3E Network team consists of nine experienced developers and cryptographers focused on a range of initiatives, including the development of a real-time oracle solution, smart contract automation, ZK rollups, gas-free contracts, and the introduction of Rust tooling into the Neo ecosystem.

NNT Catch Up

NNT released episode 35 of the Smart Economy Podcast, featuring Joseph Ziolkowski, CEO and co-founder of RELM Insurance. Topics discussed included the role alternative insurance providers play in cutting-edge industries from crypto to psychedelics to eSports to longevity, how regulatory bodies can help establish unique insurance opportunities, the various factors that RELM evaluates when underwriting, and why larger insurance entities aren’t jumping to insure innovative companies.


April 25: Neo hosting Twitter Spaces dedicated to ZK proofs.
April 26 – 28: Neo will be exhibiting at Consensus 2023.
April 27: R3E Network co-founder joining fireside chat at Consensus 2023 about ZK sync technology.