For the second year in a row, Neo will be hosting a booth at the Consensus conference, April 26 – 28 in Austin, TX. The Neo space (Booth 841) will be 500 square feet, among the largest footprints at the event. As in 2022, Neo will also host a physical demonstration where attendees can interact directly with the Neo blockchain. NGD said,

We’re confident that we’ll top [last year’s] experience for Consensus 2023 attendees with a new phygital activation like nothing you’ve ever seen. This technology experience will push the boundaries of how real-world assets are tokenized and used in the Web3 space, further demonstrating Neo’s dedication to extending the boundaries of what blockchain can do. Watch for more details in the coming weeks.

Members of the Neo ecosystem will staff the booth to talk about their projects and the tools they develop. Representatives will include NGD, NGD Enterprise, various ecosystem projects (Forthewin Network, Flamingo Finance, GhostMarket, Perlin Finance, GreenFinch, DIGI, NNT), and other development communities (COZ, AxLabs, NeoResearch, R3E Network).

At present, a two-day pass is priced at $1,699; however, this will rise to $1,999 on April 21. A pro pass currently costs $2,299 but will also increase to $2,799 on April 21. Pro passes offer additional perks such as entry to exclusive summits, lounges, and events. Alternatively, attendees may opt for a Piranha Pass at a fixed price of $9,000, which includes VIP seating, special events, complimentary food and beverages, and other premium benefits. For those unable to attend in person, a virtual pass is available for $99, providing livestream access to the presentations throughout the three-day event. The virtual pass price will increase to $199 on April 21.

The promo code NEOC23 gives a 25% discount on tickets.

About Consensus and Neo Representation

Consensus is among the longest-running cryptocurrency and blockchain events, dating back to the first conference in 2015. While it took place in New York City between 2015 and 2019, the event went virtual in 2020 and 2021. In 2022, the conference moved to Austin, Texas, where it will return this year.

The upcoming Consensus 2023 will be the fourth time the Neo ecosystem takes part in this annual gathering. In 2019, Da Hongfei gave a presentation, Neo Global Development representatives discussed goals for NeoID, the Neo SPCC team demonstrated NeoFS, and both NGD and NGD Enterprise members jointly presented on Neo development.

During the 2020 event, Da gave another presentation and joined a panel discussion, while the Neo SPCC team spoke about NeoFS, and NGD Enterprise members introduced the time-travel code debugger.

In 2022, Neo hosted an interactive booth experience where visitors had the chance to learn about the Neo N3 platform and talk to community representatives. Additionally, Neo unveiled an interactive chest game that leveraged COZ’s Puppets NFTs to distribute prizes to booth visitors. Below is a video demonstrating the activation:

The full announcement can be found at the link below: