DogeRift released update v1.14, which included the addition of daily quests, a new inventory system, and bug fixes to improve the user’s gaming experience. The leaderboards for Adventure, Soccer, and Parkour modes have reset alongside the updates.

The reset starts a new season for players to climb the ranks and receive DogeRift rewards. The top three players on each leaderboard will receive 2 billion DOGER tokens, and positions four through ten will each receive 1 billion DOGER tokens for prizes. Seasons conclude at the end of each month, with new ones automatically restarting the following month.

Feature and Content Updates

Daily quests in the game are now active, offering users four unique daily opportunities to earn extra energy and rewards. They revolve around participating in each of the three game modes currently available for play. For each completed quest, the player will earn five energy points and a bonus of 10 energy once all four daily tasks have been completed. The team intends to add more daily quests in the near future.

The game now offers a Shop and Inventory system, allowing players to purchase two new types of Doge characters with differing abilities, as well as a jetpack. The Mage Doge lets players see where chests are located through walls, and the Warrior Doge instantly collects all coins available on the map. Each new character costs 1 billion DOGER.

The Jetpack is now available for purchase in the Shop for 10 billion DOGER. Once purchased, users can equip their characters with the jetpack and aerially navigate the Main Menu realm and in Adventure mode.

Additionally, in the Soccer mode, the Jetpack animation has been improved to offer smoother gameplay.

Other minor improvements include deactivating the main menu for chests that have already been looted for the day. And joining and leaving adjustments have been applied to the Parkour mode, designed to offer a more balanced gaming experience.

About DogeRift

The DogeRift P2E game incorporates non-fungible, governance, and utility tokens into its 2D and 3D gaming universe. The beta testing phase of the DogeRift game launched in Dec. 2022, with Adventure, Soccer, and Parkour game modes available within the first month. Beta participation has been incentivized, with players earning DOGEF and DOGER tokens as they’ve tested the game.

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