The DogeRift team has announced registration for the beta testing phase of the DogeRift game. The beta will run for two to three months and is open to all users that own at least one Bored Doge NFT.

Beta registration

To sign up for the game, users will first need to download the version appropriate for their device. Currently Windows and Mac computers are supported, but a mobile version will also be available in the near future. DogeRift supports crossplay, so all devices can play together on the same servers.

Users may create an account via the game’s login screen using an email, nickname, and password combination. An N3 address must also be provided. Players must pay a registration fee to join the game; during beta, this is done by sending a transaction to a provided address and will link the user’s wallet with their DogeRift account.

To complete verification, the users must then create a ticket on the DogeRift Discord’s support channel for manual processing. After approval, login can be tested to confirm registration. After the full launch, the verification process will be automated.

Participation rewards

The game servers for DogeRift are scheduled to open on Dec. 6, complete with adventure, soccer, and parkour game modes. Beta participation is incentivized, with players able to earn DOGEF and DOGER tokens as they play. These assets will be transferred to the player’s wallet for use when the game officially launches.

Beta players will also be able to earn special NFTs, characters, and skins by completing quests and events, and by topping the weekly leaderboards. Chances to win are influenced by play time, and owning more DogeRift NFTs will open up new opportunities to gain rewards.

Limited edition NFT rewards for beta participants will be issued using a point system. Points are tallied based on the number of DogeRift NFTs owned as follows:

  • Basic Doge – 1 point
  • Rare Doge – 3 points
  • Legendary Doge – 10 points

Players that hold more than 15 points worth of NFTs will receive a limited edition NFT that will be exclusive to those who join the beta. For every 333 points, players will also receive one DOGELAND NFT, which will generate DOGEF at a much higher rate (50x) than basic Doge NFTs. No further information about the DOGELAND NFT is available at this time.

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