General Updates

Neo attended the Web3 Festival in Hong Kong this past week, where various guests stopped by the booth to try out Neo’s blockchain-connected gachapon machine. Neo co-hosted an after-event with other industry participants, and co-founder Da Hongfei participated in a panel entitled From Cloud to Chain the Evolution of Computing Platforms.

Neo co-founder Da Hongfei also visited the Legislative Council of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Hong Kong’s Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau, and Government Department of Foreign Direct Investment, along with several blockchain companies, to talk about Web3.

Neo released a preview of its booth at the Consensus conference taking place April 26 – 28 in Austin, TX. The Neo space (Booth 841) will be 500 square feet, among the largest footprints at the event. As in 2022, Neo will also host a physical demonstration where attendees can interact directly with the Neo blockchain. Members of the Neo ecosystem will staff the booth to talk about their projects and the tools they develop. Representatives will include NGD, NGD Enterprise, various ecosystem projects (Forthewin Network, Flamingo Finance, GhostMarket, Perlin Finance, GreenFinch, DIGI, NNT), and other development communities (COZ, AxLabs, NeoResearch, R3E Network).

Flamingo distributed 20 tickets for the Web3 Berlin conference to community members that participated in a giveaway event. Additionally, the team participated in a Twitter Spaces held by Web3 Berlin to discuss the blockchain industry and the upcoming conference taking place June 10 – 11. And, Flamingo released stats on the top pools by volume for the 14th week of 2023, which noted approximately US $2.64 million in the bNEO-fUSDT pool, $2.37 million win the FLM-bNEO pool, and $1.23 million in the FLM-fUSDT pool.

Forthewin Network announced the launch of a new user interface with multi-chain support. The update comes after work integrating EVM SDKs, and features both upgrades and downgrades to accommodate EVM with NeoVM.

DogeRift released update v1.14, which included the addition of daily quests, a new inventory system, and bug fixes to improve the user’s gaming experience. The leaderboards for Adventure, Soccer, and Parkour modes have reset alongside the updates. The Shop and Inventory system allows players to purchase two new types of Doge characters with differing abilities, as well as a jetpack.

GrantShares proposal NeoFlow: Analytics Dashboard for Exploring Activities in NEO was put forth for discussion.

AfricaN3 task director Furst joined the GhostMarket Twitter Spaces to talk about his entrance into the blockchain space through Neo, NFT projects, the GhostMarket ambassador program, and much more.

Developer Updates

NeoLine released version v4.0.0 of the Google Chrome wallet and v3.0.0 of the mobile wallets. The update included UI modifications, the addition of dark mode, and the integration of the dAPI standard. At the time of press, support for TOTHEMOON and Neo Compounder has been integrated into the NeoLine wallet.

NNT Catch Up

NNT released episode 34 of the Smart Economy Podcast, featuring Gregor Žavcer, Executive Director of Swarm. Topics discussed included what the blockchain space was like in 2015, the importance of decentralized storage in Web3, data ownership and privacy, interesting use cases, and how Swarm operates.

Quirky Soul College and Neo Candy recently collaborated on a new skin, which was added to the Vending Machine feature of the Neo-powered QSC game. The QSC Vending Machine allows users to obtain unique skins that can be equipped on Quirky Soul NFTs. Alongside COZ, Neo Candy becomes the second project to offer a skin through the Vending Machines. Additionally, Neo Candy distributed CANDY to users with Candy skins equipped on a Quirky Soul NFT.


April 26 – 28: Neo will be exhibiting at Consensus 2023.

Token Listings

QLC was delisted from Binance.