NEXT deployed a major update to NeoLine, its browser extension and mobile wallet. The update is aimed at providing an improved experience by revamping the user interface and adding various other new features.

Version 4.0.0, or 3.0.0 on mobile devices, offers a complete UI overhaul intended to simplify the user interface. Navigation has been streamlined to make it easier to find and use essential features, and dark mode support was introduced to cater to user preferences.

Updated UI and dark mode support (Source: NeoLine)

Another noteworthy addition is the single password mode, which replaces the previous per-wallet passwords with a single password to unlock all imported wallets. This is intended to make managing multiple wallets more convenient by eliminating the need to input the password repeatedly.

The team also introduced two new dAPI methods, switchWalletAccount and switchWalletNetwork. These methods provide applications with a way to prompt the user with wallet or network change requests, offering a new way to reduce friction in a dApp UX. More information about these methods can be found in NeoLine’s dAPI documentation.

Users can install NeoLine on Android, iOS, or as a Chrome extension via the following link: