Flamingo Finance has made several updates to its website, including an overhaul to its landing page and the addition of a new “Get Started” page. With these updates, the DeFi platform team aims to improve the onboarding of new users.

The revamped landing page has been outfitted with quick navigation cards, a carousel with top pools, and an array of sections:

  • Highlighted pools
  • FLUND summary
  • Top tokens

Users will also find that the landing page header and illustration, the news section, and the community links have all been refreshed.


The new “Get Started” page presents users with different guides to follow which demonstrate how to use the DeFi platform, depending on the user’s level of experience with cryptocurrency trading and lending. The guides follow two routes, Beginner and Advanced, each offering updated text and video guides that cover the various steps of the Flamingo experience.

Other improvements have been made to UX and UI, including an updated menu and an updated “Connect Wallet” feature.

The full announcement can be found at the following link: https://medium.com/flamingo-finance/flamingo-finance-releases-new-landing-page-and-get-started-page-d71d43779076