Meme2Earn, a platform for creating, sharing, and rewarding memes, has officially rebranded its native token from NUDES to TIPS on the Neo N3 blockchain. The change comes in response to marketing challenges faced by the previous token name. With the introduction of the TIPS token, Meme2Earn aims to expand its reach and facilitate more user interaction on the platform.

Users of the Meme2Earn platform will not need to take any action regarding the change. NUDES tokens will automatically be renamed TIPS in Neo wallets, on Flamingo Finance, and the Meme2Earn platform itself.

However, any NUDES tokens held on MEXC Exchange and Pancake Swap will remain as NUDES, though they are still the same token as TIPS. Users can transfer NUDES to their Neo wallets, where they will automatically be renamed to TIPS, and vice versa.

Meme2Earn offers a novel way for users to earn TIPS tokens by browsing and creating memes on the platform. To join Meme2Earn, users can visit the platform’s website and sign up for an account. Once they are registered, they can start earning TIPS by participating in meme-related activities.

The team also published a revised litepaper and tokenomics for the TIPS token, where more information may be found.

The original announcement may be read at the following link: