General Updates

Neo launched NeoChat, a new address-to-address instant chat application built to facilitate private social interactions in Web3 with end-to-end encryption. NeoChat can be used to communicate with any other Neo N3 user via a public address or NeoNS domain name. The application also features ChatGPT integration, allowing users to interact directly with the AI bot via chat.

To commemorate the release, Neo is hosting a competition with 500 GAS in prizes. Users may participate by prompting ChatGPT to create interesting descriptions of Neo and submitting their favorite responses, or by providing useful feedback on NeoChat through the Neo Discord. The competition closes on April 2nd.

Meme2Earn changed its NUDES token ticker symbol to TIPS as a part of a rebrand. There is no action required by users, any NUDES tokens will automatically be renamed to TIPS in a user’s Meme2Earn account, Neo wallet, and Flamingo Finance account.  

Dogerift announced that it has been accepted into the Neo EcoBoost program, which will provide the team with funding to continue developing its metaverse game.

A new GrantShares proposal to fund the KIKA Software Company was resubmitted and put onchain. GrantShares proposals Crew3 Neo Account,, and motoDEX were put forth for discussion.

Neo Global Development joined a Demex Twitter Spaces to talk about the Neo blockchain, the differences between NEO and bNEO, lending and borrowing bNEO on the Nitron market, and much more.

Flamingo scheduled a Twitter Spaces for 2:00 p.m. (UTC) on Tuesday, March 28. Discussion topics will generally focus on DeFi, Flamingo, and cryptocurrencies. Flamingo also released statistics about the top tokens by volume for Week 11 of 2023, with approximately US $12.2 million in bNEO, $9.24 million in FLM, and $7.9 million in FUSDT volume.

NNT Catch Up

Neo Compounder recently launched, allowing users to wrap NEO and bNEO into a cNEO token, which automatically uses GAS rewards to purchase more bNEO. The auto-compounding wrapper went live on March 14. Neo Compounder was designed and built by Lyrebird founder and FUSD contract developer William Song. The token wrapper is the result of two successful GrantShares proposals submitted by Song. The first proposal sought funds to cover smart contract and frontend development costs, while the second sought funds to pay for the contract auditing by Red4Sec.


March 28: Flamingo hosting a Twitter Spaces.
April 12 – 15: Neo is a platinum sponsor of the Web3 Festival in Hong Kong.
April 26 – 28: Neo will be exhibiting at Consensus 2023.