Meme2Earn, the platform at the intersection of memes and cryptocurrency, has launched a new community campaign hosted on the Zealy platform, accompanied by a US $1,000 reward pool in TIPS tokens. The initiative is set to bolster community engagement and creative contribution through meme creation. The campaign began Nov. 8 and will conclude on Dec. 8 at 1:00 p.m. (UTC).

The campaign requires participants to complete quests to earn XP.  These task may include following certain social accounts, sharing content, or creating memes. The reward structure is designed to encourage widespread participation:

  • A total of US $700 in TIPS tokens will be distributed among participants reaching Level 3 (500 XP).
  • An additional $300 in TIPS is allocated for those earning extra XP beyond Level 3.
  • The top three participants on the leaderboard will be recognized with the Meme2Earn Ambassador role on Discord, granting them access to exclusive channels. This benefit will extend beyond the top three if any of the winners are already Ambassadors.

To compete in the campaign, participants should take the following actions:

  1. Sign up on the Zealy platform and enter the Meme2Earn campaign.
  2. Complete various quests to accumulate experience points (XP).
  3. Strive to achieve at least Level 3 (500 XP) to be eligible for the TIPS token rewards.

Beyond the immediate rewards, the campaign is a chance for members to increase their standing within the Meme2Earn community. Notably, the campaign is also being considered as a precursor to potential monthly events, depending on the success of this initial launch.

The rewards are set to be allocated to the winners’ Meme2Earn accounts at the campaign’s close, with a significant portion available for immediate withdrawal.

Full details can be found in Meme2Earn’s official announcement linked here: