General Updates

NNT released an exclusive article about the second Neo Community Assembly that recently took place in Hong Kong. The event ushered more than 30 people from the global developer, researcher, and creator community into the same room to plan the future of the Smart Economy. Representatives from several developer and contributor communities were on hand to participate in two days of intense discussions. Discussion topics were oriented toward varying levels of technical depth, including new EVM-enabled features, dApp and product development, interoperability solutions, and core Neo architecture.

Neo was featured in a Forkast News segment that offered an overview of the APAC Hackathon grand finale, Neo’s footprint in the increasingly crypto-friendly Hong Kong region, and more.

GrantShares proposal Rust SDK for Neo was put to the vote and will likely reach quorum for approval with five votes in favor and two abstaining.

Pixudi launched its NFT board racing game on Nov. 11. Partially funded by the GrantShares DAO, the game leverages Neo blockchain technology for payments, NFT minting, and storage via NeoFS. Players can access a profile, achievements, and leaderboard page and start a multiplayer game for anyone to join.

The latest Neo Trivia Gleam competition is open and will run until Nov. 16. Participants have the chance to win one of five NeoVerse blind boxes by answering 10/10 multiple choice questions correctly. If the competition has over 100 unique entrants, GAS will be added to the following week’s prize pool.

TOTHEMOON announced its Infrastructure Deed Burning / Moon Infrastructure Mint will open on Thursday, Nov. 16 at 8:00 p.m. (UTC). Creating a Moon Infrastructure requires the burning of an Infrastructure Deed NFT. The success rate of generating a new Moon Infrastructure NFT is determined by the Mint Chance Attribute of the burned NFT.

Meme2Earn released a video recording of its latest Fireplace, where the team discussed the Meme2Earn platform, recent contests, future plans, the TIPS cryptocurrency, and more. M2E also launched a new community campaign hosted on the Zealy platform, accompanied by a $1,000 reward pool in TIPS tokens. The initiative is set to bolster community engagement and creative contribution through meme creation. The campaign began Nov. 8 and will conclude on Dec. 8 at 1:00 p.m. (UTC). Also, M2E concluded its competition in collaboration with reggae artists MerlinMoon and Alborosie. The top 100 meme submissions will share from a prize pool equivalent to $3,600 in TIPS tokens and NFTs.

Carrot Swap and Meme2Earn collaborated on a meme campaign, which ran through Nov. 11. The top 10 submissions each won an equivalent of $10 in USDC or GAS.

FrankCoin announced a meme campaign in partnership with Meme2Earn, which will run Nov. 13 through 18. The top 10 submissions will each win an equivalent of $10 in FUSD or GAS.

Flamingo released a video recording of the Community Lagoon AMA with project leadership. The team discussed development and marketing plans for Flamingo and answered questions from the community. Flamingo also released statistics on the top tokens by volume for Week 44 of 2023, noting approximately $21.6 million in bNEO, $17.96 million in GAS, and $17.3 million in FLM.

Developer Updates

NeoSPCC released a minor update to NeoGo, bringing enhancements for zero-knowledge proof development and node configuration. NeoGo v0.103.0, compatible with Neo v3.6.0, introduces the zkpbinding API, streamlining the creation of zero-knowledge proof verification contracts and the formatting of proofs. Accompanying this update is a detailed example to assist developers.

NeoSPCC also released NeoGo v0.103.1, which contains a hotfix for a bug that prevents the node from starting from the existing database every new dBFT epoch. The release also includes a bug fix that fails any non-zero NEO and GAS roundtrips from accounts with zero balance.

NNT Catch Up

NNT released episode 50 of the Smart Economy Podcast featuring Fig from Squid, a cross-chain liquidity and messaging router built on Axelar, that enables transactions between different blockchains and allows applications to implement fast, secure, and seamless cross-chain logic into their products. Topics of discussion include how cross-chain infrastructure enhances the resiliency of blockchains, Fig’s journey into blockchain, the challenges and opportunities of multi-chain user experiences, Squid’s role in connecting different chains, the value of security and speed in cross-chain transactions, and more!

Battle Hardened launched a meme campaign to distribute B tokens that will power its NFT fusion and gaming platform. Until Dec. 25, users can submit up to one meme daily to qualify for the B token airdrop planned for Christmas Day. Each unique meme submission will entitle the participant to one B token.

COZ released an article about the developer community’s presence at the Neo Community Assembly that recently took place in Hong Kong. The article offered an overview of the topics COZ discussed at the NCA, which included the stats on the recent non-fungible item activations, an update on the status of Shadow Brother Sunday as a potential Oscar candidate, and upcoming NFI activations.