Meme2Earn has launched the Neo Sidechain Naming Campaign Meme Contest. This event invites the global meme community to contribute their creativity in parallel with Neo’s ongoing Sidechain Naming Campaign. The contest, which began Nov. 13 and runs through Nov. 27, is offering a total prize pool of US $1,000 in TIPS tokens.

Recently, Neo unveiled its latest initiative: an EVM-compatible and MEV-resistant sidechain, a significant step towards an even more inclusive and robust blockchain infrastructure. To involve the community in this pivotal development, Neo has initiated a naming campaign, offering a $20,000 prize pool for active participants. Meme2Earn’s contest is a parallel effort to creatively engage the community even further.

To take part in Meme2Earn’s contest, participants should:

  1. Create original memes related to the Neo Sidechain Naming Campaign or potential names for the new sidechain. These memes must be posted in the designated contest category on the Meme2Earn website.
  2. Tweet their creations with the appropriate hashtags and links, detailed in the official rules from Meme2Earn’s contest announcement. A tweet button on the Meme2Earn website facilitates this process.
  3. Link their tweet to the Meme2Earn site in order to verify participation. Again, a button on the website makes this step straightforward.

Note: Participants with original name ideas for the sidechain should first submit these ideas through Neo’s official campaign before submitting an associated meme, in order to avoid idea theft.

The contest offers a total of $1,000 in TIPS tokens, distributed among the top 100 memes based on upvotes. The top five places will be determined by a combination of upvotes, number of X followers, and judging from Meme2Earn OGs, the Neo Foundation, and Neo Global Development. Prizes will be distributed according to the following:

  • 1st place: $100
  • 2nd place: $55
  • 3rd place: $45
  • 4th place: $35
  • 5th place: $25
  • 6th through 100th places: $5

Bonus rewards are also available. Meme2Earn Hired Guns and OGs will receive upvote multipliers of 1.15 and 1.3, respectively, and 1 trillion TIPS will be airdropped on Nov. 20 to all participants who complete at least one active task (posting a meme, upvoting someone’s meme, etc.) and claim TIPS between Nov. 13 and Nov. 20.

Meme2Earn has established clear rules to ensure a fair contest. All submissions must adhere to the outlined themes, and self-voting is permitted within reasonable limits. The platform reserves the right to disqualify entries not meeting these standards or deemed inappropriate.

Additional details and complete contest rules can be found at the link below: