On November 7th, the Moonlight development team held its first official “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) on the NEO subreddit. The Moonlight team AMA participants included Tyler Adams (lllwvlvwlll), architect, Alan Fong (anfn101), business development director, and Travis Lin (yenct15), product lead. Participants of the AMA asked questions pertaining to the product, its roadmap, the LX token and its public token sale, and building on NEO.

The Product and Development

The Moonlight platform aims to provide access to a workforce, which is “the backbone of any economy.” One of Moonlight’s goals is to build a “strong workforce for the smart economy,” which will yield a stable currency, liquidity, and intrinsic value generation. If an individual were to compare Moonlight’s product with what’s currently available, Adams said it would be “a platform that is a hybrid of LinkedIn, Workday, and MS Project; all tied together by the blockchain.” He also noted that as Moonlight continues to build out, it will become “more of a product development platform than recruitment-specific solution.”

Fong responded to a question about language support, stating that Moonlight will initially be launched in English. However, i18n compliance allows users to “post and collaborate in any language” and the team plans to eventually incorporate Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, French, and German into its interface.

When asked what was expected of the platform in a three-year timeframe, Adams responded that the team would like to see a positive net revenue. He had also responded that Moonlight would “like to see adoption outside of the blockchain space and a healthy community of users similar to other large productivity software platforms.”

As a first mover in the professional productivity space utilizing blockchain technology, Adams shared the below examples of market share revenues Moonlight aims to tap into:

  • Atlassian: 620M (2017)
  • Linkedin: 1.46Bn (2017)
  • Salesforce: 8.38Bn (2017)
  • Github: ~300M (2017)

The question was asked if Moonlight would be open to the possibility of a company buyout. Adams said that it “depends on the conditions of acquisition.” Whilst this is a topic the Moonlight team has discussed internally, a decision would be dependant on the situational circumstances. However, Adams note that he “can guarantee that the community is a strong component to all of these discussions. We view you all as partners in this endeavor.”

Participants of the AMA also asked about Constellation, an identity initiative found on the Moonlight roadmap. Lin described it as a collaborative effort among a “number of groups in the community to deliver a holistic approach to identity in the NEO ecosystem.” Additionally, Adams said that it “does not emphasize productization and is attempting to address the larger ‘identity’ space as opposed to a subset of it.” More information on the initiative will be available in the near future.

The Markets

When the subject of Moonlight’s approach to creating a vesting period (or slow release) of LX tokens was brought up, Fong iterated the vesting strategy was something they implemented “to reduce the influence of whales and coordinated pump and dumps” to help the average investor avoid a large market selloff. Moonlight’s particular focus is on the short-term timeframe after the public token sale. Beyond that, investors should understand the price fluctuations of a coin are out of the project’s control, and at the whim of the free market.

With regards to token listings on exchanges, Moonlight stated they’re “working with multiple exchanges to get LX listed in more places,” including “some high volume exchanges under consideration.” Adams also added, “the Switcheo team has been amazing to work with.”

In response to a question about financial reporting, Adams stated that Moonlight doesn’t currently prepare quarterly reports, but the concept will be brought up for discussion with the team. However, he went on to say that there’s been “internal discussion about disclosing salary mechanics for employees; but how we would disclose (and to what resolution) has not been finalized.” Moonlight currently has 10 full-time employees.

Working on NEO

Lastly, the leadership team was questioned about the greatest strengths and weaknesses of building on the NEO blockchain. With regards to its weaknesses, Adams suggested that developer tools used to build on NEO are still very young, especially “for things like debugging and contract auditing.” Even though CoZ and NeoResearch community members are working on improving these areas, he noted that there is still a long way to go.

Pertaining to its strengths, Adams said “I may be biased, but I think the community is the greatest strength.” Additionally, that “the NEO team has also been very supportive of the project which is always a great [morale] boost!”

The full AMA can be found at the below link: