nOS, who aims to create a “virtual operating system” to enable seamless development and deployment of dApps, has been listed on the Switcheo decentralized exchange. The listing follows on the heels of its token sale, which completed on November 8th, 2018.

The Switcheo listing, effective November 9th, 2018, is the third for the nOS token. nOS is also currently trading on the Hotbit and Bilaxy centralized exchanges.

About nOS

nOS is a full-stack (front-end and back-end) solution that allows websites and applications to be deployed in a decentralized and open-source environment. nOS replaces the server side back-end code of traditional websites with smart contracts, the contents of which can be made public. In addition, nOS seeks to integrate exchange APIs to easily trade cryptocurrencies (such as NEO, GAS, or ETH) into specific dApp tokens that are needed to interact with a project’s application (such as LX or AVA).

About Switcheo

Singapore-based Switcheo is the first and highest-volume decentralized exchange to launch on the NEO blockchain. Its exchange functions are made possible by a smart contract running on NEO.

Switcheo’s listing announcement is available at the following link: