Moonlight has released its tenth fortnightly report in 2019, which offers updates on the Moonlight software developer kit (SDK), development of a developer and integrator documentation portal, and the launch of three new smart contracts. The fortnightly update is the first since the distributed workforce platform completed its first round of user testing in November 2019.

The Moonlight SDK is an integral part of Moonlight’s project as it allows developers to integrate with the platform and reuse code. Moonlight reported it had cleaned up the SKD and converted it to the TypeScript programming language to “make it more effective for public consumption.”

Moonlight also reported the configuration of a developer and integrator documentation portal to offer a cleaner and efficient method of documentation. The public-facing documentation portal aims to provide support for developers who seek to implement Moonlight solutions into their applications.

Lastly, Moonlight launched three smart contracts that integrate and work with one another to provide a sovereign identity solution for the Neo ecosystem. In unison, the three smart contracts seek to maintain verified claims and attestations, manage access control to data and ownership of accounts, and enhance third party usability. Moonlight will release further information about the smart contracts for sovereign identity at a later date.

Looking forward, the Moonlight team is working on a new blog format and will begin migrating old posts in the coming weeks. Further, the development team intends to work on its verification and identity infrastructure, smart contract infrastructure, and its permissioning system.

The full fortnightly report can be found at the link below: