Trinity Protocol CEO, David Li, has released an open letter to the community, offering insights into a lapse in his recent public presence, the relationship between Trinity Protocol and current market demand, and the direction of the two-year-old project. Trinity Protocol aims to be a second layer off-chain transaction network that supports the Neo and Ethereum blockchains.

In the letter, Li apologizes for a recent lack of presence in the Trinity Protocol Telegram channel. Li states the he “always [aims] to present good work to [Trinity Protocol] supporters,” but believes there hasn’t been many noteworthy updates to present. Li points out that the development team tested and finished the Trinity prototype “long ago,” have since added new variants and updates, and continued to adapt to new features of the Neo and Ethereum blockchains.

Drawing from the company’s experience, Li believes Trinity Protocol can benefit several application scenarios, which include payments, gaming, and governance.

However, Li said, “we failed to actually apply this technology to real-world application.” He doesn’t place blame on Trinity Protocol (or other second-layer scaling projects). Instead, Li stated, “[there have been] no revolutionary or disruptive innovations other than the ones we have already discovered back in ’17.”

He believes it is this lack of innovation that has hindered the adoption of technologies like state channels, decentralized storage, and cross-chain architectures.

While the project hasn’t made much splash in the way of recent development, Li iterates Trinity is “still financially capable of supporting the project long-term” from its crowdfund that concluded January 15th, 2018.

Looking forward, Li believes there will be renewed vigor for blockchain, particularly as China embraces blockchain technology. He states, “should any opportunities arise, [Trinity Protocol] will be among the firsts to seize it.”

The full open letter can be found at the link below: