Moonlight, a Neo-based distributed workforce platform, is now officially integrated with the Vivid decentralized self-sovereign identity (DSSI) solution – a proposed identity standard for the Neo ecosystem. Currently registered Moonlight users may have noticed emails which state that new claims verifying their email have been pushed to the Neo blockchain.

Vivid DSSI

The Vivid DSSI enables the creation and management of digital identities on the Neo blockchain, and provides the infrastructure to create on-chain claims and issue proofs to verify user attributes. Moonlight proposes that Vivid enabled identities would be useful for:

  • Entities that must verify themselves in the physical or digital world,
  • App developers that require specific user-identity to access their apps, or;
  • Individuals that believe they own their own identity.

Vivid’s user information verification workflows culminate in the issuance of an on-chain claim, which acts like a receipt that the verification event took place. Once the Vivid platform issues these verified claims, they are accessible to the owner of those claims in perpetuity through the use of proofs, which are also issued to the user when a claim is created.

Overview of the Vivid solution (Source: Moonlight)

For instance, new registrants to the Vivid platform must register their account via email. A verification email is sent to the user who must complete an action to demonstrate it is an authentic email address. Once verified, Vivid issues a claim to this user’s identity, which is securely stored on the Neo blockchain, as proof that the email belongs to the user.

An example of this type of claim can be found below, which shows the verification status, source of the claim, transaction ID, and unique reference number that demonstrates the information is authentic.

Vivid DSSI claim issuance verification (Source: Moonlight)

The Vivid identity holder can than provide a requestor proof of identity by issuing an on-chain proof or through Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA). Prior Neo News Today coverage offers an in-depth overview of the Vivid solution, as well as further examples to illustrate the process.

Vivid DSSI, as a standalone protocol, is officially live and can be integrated into other platforms outside of Moonlight.

Looking forward, Moonlight intends to use Vivid to integrate support for various attributes of users identities. Short-term goals include social handles (i.e., Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Stack Overflow, and GitHub) and national identity (i.e., passport and driver’s license), with a long-term goal of integrating support for academic information (i.e., diplomas and certificates).