Neo Global Development (NGD) released its monthly report for April 2020, which included highlights such as the launch of Neo3 Preview2, the release of the 2019 Neo financial report, and numerous updates from Neo’s community developer groups.

Neo took part in the Consensus: Distributed virtual conference on Monday, May 11th, 2020. Neo co-founder, Da Hongfei, participated in two of four segments that were part of the hour-long block dedicated to Neo. For his first appearance, Da gave a presentation titled “Neo3: Empowering the Smart Economy” which outlined the areas he believes public blockchains need to improve to be ready for mass adoption and how Neo3 will address these requirements. He also highlighted the proposed Neo3 governance model, along with tweaks to Neo’s economic model.

For his second appearance, Da participated in a Q&A session with Goin Gecko’s Aimann Faiz. Discussion topics included Neo’s places amongst its competitors, the digitization of the Chinese Yuan, and much more.

NGD Eco Growth manager, John Wang, delivered a presentation entitled, The Core Value of Ecosystems — Focus or Diversification?”, where he argued his belief that “diversification and a focused approach to ecosystem development are key for success.” Additionally, Wang noted that NGD will be launching an Early Adoption Program to facilitate the migration of dApps and projects from Neo2 to Neo3.

NGD Seattle lead, John deVadoss, delivered a presentation titled “The Time-Traveling Developer – Coding the Future,” where he provided a first look at NGD Seattle’s Visual Token Designer and demoed the Neo Blockchain Toolkit’s upcoming time-travel debugging capabilities.

Lastly, Neo St. Petersburg Competence Center (Neo SPCC) co-founder and CIO, Stanislav Bogatyrev, delivered a presentation titled “NeoFS: Decentralized Storage for A Real Economy.” Bogatyrev provided viewers with an introduction to the NeoGo project, an underlying component of its NeoFS infrastructure, before giving an overview of the decentralized storage platform itself. To conclude his presentation, Bogatyrev shared Neo SPCC’s vision to build a complete technology stack for truly decentralized applications.

In addition to their presentations, each participant released corresponding Neo Column articles. Da released an overview of this presentation, Neo3: Empowering the Smart Economy. Wang published a piece discussing focus and diversification in ecosystems. deVadoss released two articles to expand upon the Time-Travel Debugger and the Visual Token Designer. Bogatyrev published an article to expand upon the concept of decentralized storage for the real economy.

In addition, Da released an article entitled, “Why is blockchain a remedy of deglobalization?”, which discussed the global COVID-19 pandemic and how it has ignited conversations about globalization. The article examined how cutting-edge infrastructure such as AI, 5G, IoT, and blockchain will play a role in the 4th industrial revolution.

NNT Catch Up

Neo News Today (NNT) hosted Novem COO, Fouad Soultana, as a guest on episode 30 of the NNT podcast. Discussion topics included how Novem is different from other gold-backed token projects, how NNN tokens represent ownership of the underlying gold asset, how Novem’s existing customers have taken to blockchain, Novem’s approach to opening physical stores, and much more.

TypeEarn announced it is migrating to the Neo blockchain from Steem. TypeEarn incentivizes users to practice typing through the gamification of typing as “mining” to produce token rewards. TypeEarn chose to move to Neo from Steem due to its stability and simple wallet creation process. TypeEarn is currently undergoing testing on Neo and is tentatively expected to launch in June 2020.

Developer Groups

NEXT released two articles as part of its NeoTalk written series. The first article released this week explored what blockchain browsers are, how they’re used, and the types of information that can be queried. The second article released this week offered an overview of security through the private key life cycle, from generating private keys using random numbers, to safely using, recovering, and updating private keys.

NEXT also released a video, which showed how users can access the NeoLive page to participate in live AMAs or view past interviews on the NeoLine mobile wallet app.


May 11th, NeoTracker added a new feature that allows users to add optional network fees to their transactions, which can assist in pushing a transaction through if the network is busy or the transaction is large.

May 11th, Moonlight posted an article that discussed the benefits of working remotely, which include positive impacts on the environment, physical health, and economic benefits.

May 11th, Nash delisted the Red Pulse (PHX) token from its non-custodial trading platform.

May 12th, O3 Labs announced it is under new management and will move forward with maintaining products previously developed by the company. The new O3 Labs team is asked community members to provide feedback on the existing product suite.

May 13th, Guardian Circle released v3.5.1 of its app for Android and iOS, which includes new profile editing tools, additional sharing and invitation options, a more straightforward utility for registering a phone number, and a simplified setup process.

May 15th, Alchemint released its monthly report for April 2020, which included a potential new use case via a China-based stockbroker partnership.

May 15th, QLC Chain integrated support for its DeFi module in its mobile QWallet for iOS, which shows users analytics of various DeFi projects such as the total value locked in the smart contract.

May 15th, TypeEarn announced it took a snapshot of its TPC tokens on the Steem blockchain, which will be distributed on the Neo blockchain when the project tentatively launches in June 2020.

Token Listings

Nash exchange delisted Rep Pulse (PHX).


May 18th – 20th: NGD Seattle, COZ, and NEO-ONE to present at Reimagine2020.

May 18th – 23rd: Da Hongfei to speak at Crypto Asia Summit.