O3 Labs is under new management and will move forward maintaining products previously developed by the company. The new O3 Labs team is asking community members to provide feedback on the existing product suite.

In a conversation with Neo News Today, a representative of the new management team, Sophy, said that they aim to “upgrade and optimize the original series of products and also add more high-quality services.” Examples of such services include support for NFT’s, decentralized finance (DeFi), and hardware wallet support, among others.

In addition to new services, O3 Labs intends to maintain its wallet’s current fiat on-ramp for purchasing NEO, and potentially offer additional support for Bitcoin (BTC) and Ontology (ONT) down the road. The new O3 Labs team will also maintain and perform upgrades to the O3 Neo blockchain explorer.

New management expects to keep the namesake O3 Labs, despite the removal or the O3 wallet from the Apple Store in February 2020 due to a trademark dispute with a non-blockchain related company. The new O3 wallet is anticipated to have a new logo and user interface.

O3 Labs is currently seeking input from the community on its likes, dislikes, and wish list of features for O3 products. In a Medium post, O3 Labs announced it is offering NEO and GAS prizes for input across Medium, Twitter, and the O3 Community forum.

Looking forward, the reinvigorated O3 Labs tentatively aims to release a new version of the O3 wallet in June 2020, which is expected to again be available via the Apple Store. Further, O3 Labs will release an updated roadmap at some point in Q3 2020.

“We really appreciate the concept of the former O3 team, which will continue [as we] focus on improving the user experience. We will regularly communicate and interact with users [in the] community and [on] Twitter to better optimize product through their feedback,” Sophy said.

Background of original O3 Labs team departure

In October 2019, the founding O3 Labs team was acquired by Bitcoin.com and tasked with building mobile financial services for the Bitcoin Cash network. At the time of its acquisition, O3 Labs had developed and maintained a desktop and mobile wallet, a block explorer, and provided notable contributions to Neo-based non-fungible token (NFT) and dAPI standards.

Neo Global Development (NGD) temporarily assumed responsibility for the maintenance of O3 Labs products following the team acquisition.