Moonlight, a freelance workforce project in development on the NEO blockchain, has released a development update. The update covers two weeks of project development that have taken place, especially on Moonlight’s onboarding, support, and referral programs, as it prepares for its upcoming beta testing phases.

Users, Support, and Referrals

Moonlight has focused its development work on its future first-time customers. Design work has been completed for new users’ data entry and tutorial screens; the project hopes its attention to detail during onboarding will help its “usability and user retention.”

Additionally, the team has selected third-party support tool Zendesk to handle its support tickets, as the full-featured program is ready to go live without diverting Moonlight’s development resources.

Finally, Moonlight’s referral program remains under heavy development and discussion, although its future “workflow and behavior” are decided.

Moonlight’s Beta Phases

Moonlight has started planning of three beta stages of its platform, and its features are being assigned to the different phases. A targeted list of professional users will receive a guided tour of the platform before the beta begins.

Planning of features of the Moonlight Beta 1 and 2 has been completed, and Beta 3 is in active discussion, as the team continues working towards its live testing.

Moonlight’s development update can be viewed at the following link: