On June 19th, Magic Cube, a NEO-based blockchain gaming platform, announced a giveaway of its NEP-5 MCC token. Each participants who completes the required steps will receive 3,000 MCC. The brief campaign will run through Thursday, June 20th.

Magic Cube seeks to remove intermediaries between the game user and game developer; incentivizing users to play games while funding the developers through the Magic Cube token economy. Further, Magic Cube plans to design an in-game marketplace where users can trade their non-fungible tokens. Visit previous NEO News Today coverage for more information.

In November 2018, Magic Cube announced it would be building its gaming platform on the NEO blockchain, instead of the EOS blockchain. The Magic Cube team said, “our presence in Hangzhou and Shanghai convinced us that NEO is the logical first step, as well as the support that NGD is willing to give to help the ecosystem (which EOS lacks).”

About the airdrop

Magic Cube held an initial exchange offering (IEO) on May 29th through the BitMart Exchange. The public token sale was conducted in two rounds following a “Live Game Show” format, which designated how much IEO participants could purchase based on the number of questions answered correctly in a quiz.

To expand the English speaking community as it pushes into the U.S. markets, Magic Cube is “kickstarting” the process by conducting an airdrop of its MCC token. By completing a series of steps, participants can receive 3,000 MCC tokens.

To become eligible for the airdrop, individuals must follow Magic Cube’s Twitter account and join its Telegram channel. After following and joining the social media, participants must contact Cole Peterson, Magic Cube’s chief U.S. operations partner, and share their Twitter and Telegram handles. Peterson can be contacted via Telegram, @colecp.

Once Magic Cube has verified the completion of the steps, participants can submit a NEO address to @colecp to receive their MCC award.

Rewards are to be distributed 24-hours after the conclusion of the event.

The full announcement can be found below: https://www.reddit.com/r/NEO/comments/c2cfhg/magic_cube_mcc_token_giveaway/