MyMingo has added an FLM Claim History page and back-end improvements to its platform. These improvements are among the final updates for the Neo Legacy version. With the update, MyMingo provides more data accessibility to current Flamingo Finance users.

MyMingo’s new Claim History page is currently in its beta version. It includes the date on which a user claimed FLM, the amount, and the source of the FLM rewards. Flamingo users were initially rewarded for staking individual assets, and afterward for being liquidity providers.

Source: MyMingo

On the back-end, the SmartStake feature now utilizes a Neo node directly for relaying information, improving the speed and reliability of the service. Previously, the feature used COZ’s Dora blockchain explorer to approve transactions. SmartStake allows users to transfer FLM into their LP of choice with a single click. It automates the Flamingo staking process through a UI that coordinates back-end transactions.

At the time of press, MyMingo statistics on Discord show the service has more than 21,000 users, and approximately 8 million FLM staked through the SmartStake feature.

MyMingo was developed by the Norway-based team of five, Adapted AS, and launched in April 2021. Adapted AS, established in 2017, is the holding company responsible for developing the UI for platforms such as I’m Here.No, Prospecta, and Estate Hunter.

The new Claim History page can be found at MyMingo’s website listed below: