MyMingo has submitted its proposal to assume responsibility for the Flamingo Finance DeFi platform. It is the first public submission since the Flamingo team announced the search for an independent team to take responsibility for the development and management of the platform. In an announcement on the official Discord server, MyMingo developer and manager, Odd Jørgen, said:

The MyMingo team has applied to take over as the dev team for Flamingo.Finance. Here is our application to take Flamingo to the next level. We have made the application as a webpage, and we hope the community shares our thoughts and ideas about the future!

This is now sent over to Neo Global Development and it’s now up to them and you (the community) to find the best-suited team to take over and guide Flamingo on its journey to become the world’s best cross chain DeFi platform for all user types.

MyMingo is a platform that offers Flamingo analytics and a simple solution for staking FLM into various liquidity pools. The platform launched in April 2021 and has more than 5,400 users, according to dashboard stats on the MyMingo Discord server. At the time of press, more than 730,000 FLM have been staked through the platform.

The proposal includes goals for a transition between the two teams, marketing ideas, and suggestions for new features. Should MyMingo secure the role, the team plans to onboard four new positions. The positions include a smart contract developer, content creator, and two community support team members.

Looking forward, NGD is accepting submissions and screening applicants applying to assume responsibility for Flamingo. There is no deadline for application submissions or official date for when a team will be selected. Ultimately, the FLM token holders will vote on approving the team.

The proposal submission can be found at the link below: