MyWish, a service that aims to provide its users with tools to easily create, deploy, and manage smart contracts on multiple blockchains, has released its own public version of the NEO TestNet.

MyWish TestNet

MyWish has released a set of instructions with information about changing the config and protocol files of the official NEO-CLI and NEO-GUI wallets to access the MyWish TestNet. The benefit of using the MyWish TestNet is it is easier to receive TestNet system assets (NEO and GAS), as users do not have to submit an application to NEO Global Development. Instead, MyWish has deployed a faucet that quickly provides interested developers with 1,000 test NEO and 1,000 test GAS per day on the MyWish TestNet, enough to deploy and test two smart contracts.

MyWish NEOSCAN Explorer

MyWish is also hosting its own version of the NEOSCAN block explorer to support the MyWish TestNet. As of November 27th, 2018, 25 assets have been created by deploying smart contracts on the MyWish TestNet.

MyWish’s smart contract creation tools are available online, and include free TestNet deployment options for NEO, Ethereum, and EOS.

The MyWish TestNet announcement may be read in full at the following link: