On Saturday, November 24th, Switcheo Exchange listed TranslateMe (TMN) and Recoupit (RCPT) on the decentralized exchange (DEX). Switcheo recently launched its Callisto update, which now includes functionality to trade Ethereum ERC-20 tokens on its DEX.

TranslateMe is a “decentralized translation solution that will combine Neural Machine Translation with a distributed network of computing power, as well as human input.” The TranslateMe team is currently conducting a private token sale, using the Switcheo Exchange to facilitate the process of exchanging funds for NEO from private sale investors. 

The team is currently hosting a private sale, where KYC information is submitted to TranslateMe and the private sale purchaser loads a buy order on Switcheo. Once the order has been made the investor will email TranslateMe with the declared amount and set price. TranslateMe will then fill the order themselves on the Switcheo exchange.

The team has stated they will raise capital in funding rounds, as opposed to upfront all at once.

Coupit is a blockchain-driven e-commerce incentive platform being built on the NEO blockchain that aims to allow businesses and individuals to market their products and services, as well as earn rewards through a number of structured programs.

Trading for TMN and RCPT tokens began at 12:00 pm (UTC +8), and both tokens are paired with NEO, GAS, and SWTH individually.