Phantasma Protocol has announced that the closed beta of its NEO-based Nacho Men wrestling game will begin on July 15th. Nacho Men won first place in the first NEO / Microsoft development competition, beating 77 entries for a grand prize of $150,000 in GAS.

Nacho Men will allow players to collect, train, battle and trade unique Luchadors of varying rarities that exist as non-fungible assets on the NEO blockchain. Nacho Men will have various game modes, allowing players to simply collect Luchadors, play casually, or compete against other players for leaderboard rankings.

Starting July 15th, Phantasma will be distributing emails to subscribers of the mailing list on the Nacho Men website. The first 1,500 subscribers will be eligible for invitation, and the email will feature a wallet that can be used for accessing the Beta. Participants are advised not to send any other tokens to the supplied wallet, which will also receive potential rewards that users can send to their own private addresses.

Rewards will be in the form of rare Luchadors. Rarity levels of Luchadors refer to the cosmetic appearance of the character, rather than the base level stats.

The Closed Beta will feature Casual Matches and Gym Training, and will be ramped up to include Ranked Matches and trading. The final version of the game will require SOUL tokens to participate in Ranked Matches, where the winner of the battle will win the entry fees, however “fictional” tokens with no value will be used for the Closed Beta. Beta participants can use this opportunity to develop tactics and learn how to increase the strength and XP of their Luchadors in the gym.

A Telegram channel will be opened to Closed Beta participants for reporting bugs and discussing general gameplay.

Nacho Men was developed by Sergio Flores, co-founder of Phantasma Protocol and Open Beta is planed for an August release.

More information on Phantasma and Nacho Men can be found at the following links.