Ontology has partnered with LianAn Technology, a formal verification technology provider whose services have been utilized in the civil aviation and military field. The alliance between the two is part of Ontology’s “Co-Builder Plan,” where LianAn will serve as a security specialist. LianAn was the only security provider listed in the China Blockchain Industry Whitepaper (2018) published by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China.

LianAn Technology has received investment from Fenbushi Capital, and has strategic cooperation agreements with Huobi, OKex, KuCoin, Bytom, Bubi Blockchain, and Yunphant Blockchain. At the time of this writing, LianAn has audited more than 500 smart contracts.

Both Ontology and LianAn will focus their efforts on smart contract development, safety and security audits, and formal verification to build blockchain infrastructure that is safe, secure, and reliable. Specifically, LianAn will seek to provide “a high verification efficiency, highly automatic Verification as a Service (VaaS) platform that supports various contract development languages.”

LianAn’s one-click formal verification tools provides the ability to identify and verify common security holes in smart contract code, security properties, and function correctness. Its VaaS platform will create customizable smart contract programs to develop contracts according to Ontology users’ needs.

On the partnership, Yang Xia, Founder of LianAn Technology, said the company seeks to “provide [a] one-stop smart contract development and security audit and other services for more blockchain platforms. We are pleased to join Ontology’s “Co-Builder Plan” as a security specialist and look forward to working together to build a more solid fortress for blockchain security.

And, Li Jun, Founder of Ontology, stated “since the release of Ontology’s ‘Co-Builder Plan’, we have worked together with SlowMist, Baimaohui, and other partners to build Ontology’s trust ecosystem. The participation of LianAn Technology no doubt makes the team stronger, more solid, and unstoppable.

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