Zeepin has released its progress report for the two week period between June 29th and July 12th. Zeepin is developing two unique blockchains, the Zeepin chain and the Galaxy chain, to provide a fast and secure network for the creative industry. The Galaxy public chain aims to primarily process token transactions (for example, ledger transactions that involve sending tokens from one address to another). Whereas the Zeepin Chain seeks to process business transactions of decentralized applications (dApps) that run on the blockchain.

Product Development

ZeeRights v1.0.0 beta testing has concluded. The development team is currently fixing bugs and improving the user experience (UX), which is estimated to be complete by July 22nd. Additionally, details surrounding the design of “Authorization Pro” will be released in mid-August.

The development team is working on the user interface (UI) and product demand profile for ZeeCreate, which is now in Sprint Phase 1.

More than 150 individuals applied to participate in the closed testing of CryptoGalaxy beta v1.5. To accumulate the most amount of constructive feedback possible, Zeepin has extended the pool of eligible applicants from 50 to 100. Beta testing is currently underway, and an updated version of CryptoGalaxy is expected to be released by the end of July.

Operations Progress

On June 30th, Zeepin hosted a meetup in Hangzhou, as part of its China meetup tour. The meetup was attended by influencers of the blockchain industry, who shared their insights for the benefit of community members. Topics of conversation included the application of blockchain technologies in the creative industry, investing in cryptocurrency-backed projects, and community development.

CryptoGalaxy launched 11 weeks ago. Since that time, 353 planets have been released, 8,444 people from 110 countries have participated, and more than 3,200,000 GALA tokens have been generated.

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