Narrative, a United States-based content network, has announced its plan for the development of its “Reputation” system. The plan involves a year of private, closed source refinement of the scoring system, followed by eventual publication of the entire set of algorithms and formulas. Reputation will be used to adjust scoring of all votes and ratings on the platform. Narrative says that its Reputation Score is “the key to ensuring a quality experience on Narrative,” and that it is “the primary tool for determining the impact” of its community members.

Reputation Score

A user’s reputation score will be determined daily, and is constructed by three factors. “SimpleRep” evaluates the “positive and negative actions” of the user, “Quality Analysis” accounts for content and comments made by the user, and “Certification” is fulfilled by passing KYC.

Narrative will be withholding details of its ratings computations “to reduce the possibility of gaming the system” as it refines and tweaks its formulas over time. However, Narrative explicitly makes the claims that “you cannot buy your reputation” with its tokens, and that its system “never targets specific groups of people.”

Looking forward, Narrative anticipates that its Reputation Score formulas will be open-sourced approximately one year after the launch of the Narrative Beta in March of 2019.

Previous coverage of the Narrative project by NEO News Today includes a detailed breakdown of the reputation system, and an interview with co-founder Brian Lenz.

Narrative’s full announcement can be viewed at the following link: