Narrative, a content network with a token economy that rewards content creators, has announced that its content drafting tools are now online and functional in preparation for the March 2019 release of the Narrative beta. Narrative’s content drafting feature will be combined with the planned incremental rollouts of user onboarding tools in February, followed by content viewing, rating, and streaming in March, before the beta goes live.

Content Drafting

Content creators are directly incentivized in the Narrative economy, as they earn 60% of the Narrative rewards pool (consisting of all revenue earned by the network, including advertising revenue). Creators can prepare posts with text, messages, and video, and have the option to publish them automatically to the appropriate Niche or channel when the beta goes live. Narrative recommends that content creators tag their submissions to a Niche because doing so will increase its visibility.

Narrative’s “Network Stats” page has been updated to track the draft submissions.

The Narrative content drafting announcement can be read in full at the following link: