United States-based social media project, Narrative, has released a summary of the governing principles for its community and content standards. Narrative’s principles of community-based management, moderation, and content curation, also outlined in an August 2018 manifesto, are designed to set the stage for a social media platform that is run and managed by its own members.

Narrative founder, Rosemary O’Neill, summarized the principles by stating: “Narrative Company will not be making content decisions, period.”

Bottom-Up Governance

The Narrative project seeks to break away from traditional social media politics. Narrative seeks to do this by removing control over users’ content from corporate headquarters, and assigning the control to its user-based community.

Narrative aims to implement a community voting system to add or remove channels and leaders. Disputes and appeals will be overseen by a tribunal system, consisting of members elected by the community.

The Narrative community, not the corporation, will also be used to judge mature content as well as content quality.

Narrative’s corporate structure will be responsible for design and infrastructure decisions, as well as marketing, and legal compliance. Recommendations from Narrative’s corporate side will be implemented through the Narrative Committee, which will consist of 50 percent tribunal members (elected by community members), and 50 percent corporate staff.

In related news, the Narrative “Electorate” system was recently announced in order to provide economic incentives for active community members. In the “Electorate” system, a pool of NRVE tokens will be awarded for community voting.

Narrative’s post outlining its guiding principles can be read in full at the following link: https://blog.narrative.network/our-guiding-principles-governance-5279a148e336

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