United States-based decentralized data relay network, New Kind of Network (NKN), has announced a strategic partnership with Portal Network. Portal Network will be tasked with the creation of a domain name service for NKN’s upcoming blockchain.

NKN aims to create a decentralized networking protocol that enables the trading of unused bandwidth, and the direct exchange of data between applications, without central servers.

Blockchain Domain Names

Portal Network, which has been developing name services blockchains and projects such as ICON, Enigma, Wanchain, Ethereum Classic, and Bitcoin Cash, will be building the NKN Name Service for the NKN project. NKN Name Service will use the “.nkn” domain suffix in order to simplify a wallet address down to a phrase, such as “portal.nkn”.

The NKN Name Service will be regulated by smart contract. Domain owners will have the ability to transfer domain ownership to another address, and set details of the domain resolver and subdomain ownership.

In addition, NKN Name Service plans to offer domain name support for decentralized websites, decentralized file storage, and decentralized databases on the future NKN blockchain.

Further Information

Portal Network has outlined the use cases for domain names, and explain the technical basics of blockchain name services in the following article:


The partnership announcement from NKN is available in full at the following link:


More information on the NKN project can be found through the links below.