Narrative, a United States-based social media project, has released a recap of the month’s development on its platform, which is currently in alpha status. Narrative’s latest development is the addition of a moderator center for each niche or topic, hosted on the site.

Moderator Center

The Moderator Center, providing a list of all available Moderator positions, is now live on Narrative’s website. Moderators are expected to “curate content, moderate comments, and maintain a high standard of behavior” in their topic. Moderators will have the ability to ban members, ‘bury’ unwanted comments, and reject content for a niche. However, they will not have the ability to edit or delete comments, or content that has already been posted to their topic.

Although Narrative is currently accepting nominations for moderators, elections will not begin until after the launch of the Narrative beta, which is planned for the end of 2018. Moderators will be elected by each niche’s followers. Niche owners will have control over the number of moderators working for their niche.

Reputation System

Narrative’s reputation scoring system, which is planned to be calculated for each user daily, also began its development this month. Reputation Score is designed to screen users by tracking certain “positive and negative actions” made by users; those with enough negative actions will not be allowed to vote and rate on others’ content. Users with a low reputation score will also not be eligible to become moderators.

The reputation score also has a KYC component, meaning its users will need to verify their identity in order to reach the highest levels of ratings.

Narrative’s monthly recap can be read in full at the following link: