Nash has announced a new staking requirement for individuals to participate in its community-based forum, and released a call for community members to offer translations in their native languages.

Nash Community stake requirements

Nash chief marketing officer, Carla Paiva, recently announced the launch of the new Nash Community login system, which connects community accounts with the central Nash platform. The Nash Community is a forum where the company posts announcements, and allows NEX token holders to communicate with leadership and share feedback on Nash products.

The new system requires Nash users to stake a minimum of one NEX token for 24 months to post on the community forum. The Nash platform will automatically recognize a users’ stake if they have used the same email address for both the community account and the platform.

For users that have separate email addresses for the community and the Nash platform, Paiva recommends changing their Nash Community email to that used for the central Nash platform.

Crowd-sourced language support

Nash co-founder and chief business officer, Fabio Canesin, announced the launch of a bootstrapped GitHub repository for community members to contribute to translations, which will be integrated into the Nash platform at some point in the future.

Nash is seeking users who are fluent in various languages to contribute to the locale files. Leadership has opted to leverage its community, as opposed to automated translation tools, to provide translations of “superior quality.”

The repository is currently configured for 22 languages, including Arabic, German, Chinese, and many more. To assist its community in providing translations, Nash has also released a tutorial video, which can be found below.