Nash announced an upcoming internal company reorganization, which will establish a new role of CEO. Nash co-founder Fabio Canesin noted, “We believe this will help us improve efficiency by moving away from a board voting process.” 

In the interim, co-founders Fabian Wahle and Ethan Fast will serve as co-CEO.

Nash also released an abridged update noting NEO monitor now supports watching addresses, the introduction of NEX swap e2e, ETH related updates, plus more.

Nash League ending soon

The Nash League trading competition ends on Friday, Jan. 15. The second level of rewards was recently unlocked when trading volume exceeded US $75 million. The third level will unlock at $100 million in volume. At the time of press, there is approximately $77.48 million in overall Nash League volume. 

In the final sprint, Nash is offering $1,500 to the trader with the highest weekly volume.

Users can access Nash League at the link below: