NekoHit is seeking beta testers for the first release of its Patreon-like platform for Neo N3. The pre-release includes the first core features of NekoHit, such as the Work Contract Agreement and the NEP-17 CAT token. Early testers can use the platform to create or support a project on the Neo N3 TestNet.

Crowdfunding on Neo

NekoHit aims to bring a crowdfunding model for content creators to the Neo ecosystem and was among the Excellence award winners from the Neo Frontier Launchpad hackathon. The platform will seek to connect content creators with individuals who can offer funding on a per-project basis instead of the subscription model used by other solutions such as Patreon.

NekoHit’s WCA is a smart contract designed to give both creators and sponsors more control over the crowdfunding process. Sponsors fund projects using CAT tokens. However, for a creator to request funding, they must also stake CAT tokens. If the creator fails to meet their deadlines, then the sponsors can be compensated with the staked CAT tokens.

The development team is asking the community to test the platform’s first version to find bugs, design flaws, and other problems in the current code base.

Community testing

To participate, users will need to get TestNet GAS before using NekoHit. The team recommends the NeoLine web wallet, as it toggles between N3 MainNet and TestNet. The MyWish TestNet GAS and NEO faucet requires a Neo N3 address, and will verify users through their GitHub profile. The faucet can be found at the link below:

After acquiring TestNet GAS, users must visit the #give-me-the-token channel on NekoHit’s Discord server. They’ll need to share their N3 TestNet wallet address and will receive 200 TestNet CAT tokens from the project development team.

A staging link has been established for participants to access NekoHit. Testers who find bugs, issues, or other design flaws are requested to submit them to NekoHit’s GitHub Issue page.

The NekoHit team states they intend to distribute Nekoin and CAT tokens to early community members and contributors after the project launches on N3 MainNet. Nekoin will be a community DAO token that allows users to vote on the direction of the platform. According to the updated whitepaper, the team intends to launch v1 of the NekoHit contract on MainNet in Nov. 2021, begin conducting airdrops in Dec. 2021, and launch the NekoinToken in Feb. 2022.

The full announcement can be found at the link below: