TOTHEMOON plans to release its character NFTs in late Q4 2021. The NFTs will be available on TOTHEMOON’s marketplace, “The Market,” for purchase at the following initial costs:

  • Cryptonaut: 10 GAS
  • Moon Creature: 10 GAS
  • Moon Trainer: 25 GAS
  • Moon Baby: 50 GAS

TOTHEMOON is a strategic community-building NFT game built on Neo N3, where collectors engage with a moon-themed metaverse. The TOTHEMOON team aims to establish this metaverse by layering and integrating NFTs in a way that establishes a thriving supply and demand economy.

TOTHEMOON INC. will release different types of NFTs in various cycles as the gameplay expands, beginning with Cycle 1. Later cycles will offer new types of NFTs that will serve different purposes as the game evolves. Various characters and items will be introduced through a series of releases and airdrops dubbed “Moon Phases.” The first moon phase, entitled “New Moon,” will include the character categories listed above. The New Moon is the first of eight phases for NFT minting in Cycle 1.

To mint an NFT, participants will select a category to receive a randomly generated character from the designated supply. TOTHEMOON has pre-determined the amount of characters within each category that will be minted with each Moon Phase. Totals for Cycle 1’s New Moon phase are:

  • Cryptonaut: 50 unique characters x 100 each = 5,000 total
  • Moon Creature: 50 unique characters x 150 each = 7,500 total
  • Moon Trainer: 4 unique characters x 100 each = 400 total
  • Moon Baby: 4 unique characters x 50 each = 200 total

When users purchase a character NFT, they become eligible for both item NFT and NEP-17 TTM token airdrops. Item NFT rewards are shown in the figure below, and TTM airdrops will be distributed according to the following:

  • Cryptonaut: 1,000 TTM
  • Moon Creature: 1,000 TTM
  • Moon Trainer: 5,000 TTM
  • Moon Baby: 10,000 TTM


TOTHEMOON will take a snapshot of character NFT holders at a specific block height on the Neo blockchain to determine airdrop recipients. The team will announce further information ahead of the snapshot.

The full announcement can be found at the link below: