Neo Global Development announced that Saffron Finance has been accepted into the N3 Early Adoption Program. Saffron is a peer-to-peer risk management platform that will distribute yields according to liquidity deposits in particular tranches and offers an insurance fund that generates yields. As part of the program, Saffron will receive funding, technical support, and other incubation opportunities from NGD.

Rentfuse’s founder, Michael Fabozzi, joined NGD’s AMA series, Neo Live, on Tuesday, Oct. 19. In the AMA, Fabozzi shared how he entered the ecosystem through the Neo Frontier Launchpad hackathon. He also provided information about Rentfuse’s three-person team and his vision for bringing the sharing economy to life, along with the various ways that Rentfuse will enable NFT sharing on Neo. Fabozzi also stated Rentfuse aims to launch its core smart contracts on Neo N3 TestNet by the end of 2021 and on MainNet in Q1 2021. A transcript can be found at

O3 Labs’ Communications Director, Matt Powers, joined Neo Live, on Thursday, Oct. 21. O3 Labs is the team responsible for building and maintaining O3 Swap, a cross-chain liquidity aggregation protocol designed to provide users with cost-effective rates and simple one-click solutions for swapping assets between different blockchains or layer two networks. In the AMA, Powers outlined plans to launch a NEP-17 version of the O3 token on Neo N3 in Nov. 2021 and the future development of an O3 blockchain. A transcript can be found at

The MyMingo team is assuming responsibility for the development, maintenance, and marketing of Flamingo Finance beginning Monday, Oct. 25, 2021. The MyMingo team intends to reach new users and increase adoption rates through a range of marketing campaigns and community engagement initiatives.

MyMingo co-founders, Odd Jørgen Røland and Adrian Fjellberg, will join NGD’s NeoLive at 1:00 p.m. (UTC) on Tuesday, Oc. 26,2021.

NNT Catch Up

As Neo celebrated its 5 year MainNet launch anniversary, Neo News Today spoke to 11 prominent members of the Neo community on a special episode of the Neo News Today podcast. Representatives from NGD, COZ, NeoSPCC, and more shared their thoughts on Neo’s past, present, and future.

Topics included what initially made them interested in building on Neo, their views on the smart economy, their favorite contributions by other developers, their favorite events or moments of the past 5 years, and finally, what they think might be the top headline on Neo News Today 5 years from now.

Huobi Global announced that N3 NEO and GAS deposit and withdrawal services had resumed on the custodial exchange.

Developer Groups

COZ announced that it had deployed five public MainNet nodes to the Neo N3 network.

AxLabs released v3.13.1 of Neow3j, which made the toolkit fully compatible with the latest Neo v3.0.3 version. Alongside new SDK and compiler improvements, Neow3j v3.13.1 brought with it the first version of the team’s new test framework for Java smart contracts.


Oct. 19, GhostMarket founder, Vincent Geneste, participated in an AMA on the official Polygon Telegram channel. In the AMA, Geneste discussed the team’s approach to replicating traditional e-commerce websites and the upcoming GM governance token launch.

Oct. 20, Neo Colorado delivered a presentation on Neo, NFTs, and the Smart Economy to the Liberty on the Rocks community in Denver, CO.

Oct. 22, GhostMarket announced OneGate integration support, a new wallet in the Neo N3 ecosystem.

Oct. 22, NekoHit announced the first release candidate of its Patreon-like platform. The release includes the core features of the NekoHit Project, including the WCA contract and the CAT token. NekoHit invited community members to participate as beta testers on Neo TestNet with CAT tokens sent by the project developers.

Oct. 23, Rentfuse launched its official Discord server.