China-based NEO developer community NewEconoLabs (NEL) has announced a strategic partnership with blockchain game asset trading platform The partnership is hoped to encourage the development of a NEO-based token gaming ecosystem. is the “world’s first asset exchange and service platform focusing on vertical fields for blockchain games,” and aims to reduce the barrier to entry into blockchain games by allowing for the off-chain transfer of game assets backed by tokens.

To begin, will integrate NEO Name Service (NNS), a domain name service created by NEL that allows the registration of .neo domain names. These domains can be mapped to any public address, allowing users to send/receive tokens using a simple alias. This is hoped to improve the overall user experience of blockchain, and to help prevent errors that may occur when typing full public addresses. will receive their own exclusive NEO domain names such as xxx.gaex.neo for free as part of the arrangement. also advocates the development of a “multiple-token economy,” and will work with NEL to promote the use of NEO-based tokens in blockchain games. As part of the agreement, will encourage the circulation of GAS and NNC in high-quality blockchain games.

Players will be able to use GAS and NNC in these games, in addition to receiving them and other digital tokens as part of the multiple-token economic model. NEL and will work jointly to “explore the growth and monetization of blockchain game Internet traffic” under this model.