DeepBrain Chain plans to push the first round of artificial intelligence (AI) miners online soon, and is offering a free trial to the DeepBrain Chain AI Training Net. DeepBrain Chain is developing a global network of AI computing and storage nodes using distributed ledger technology.

Following the announcement of its partnership with Fujian Dragon AI Cloud Computing Center, covered by NEO News Today, the first round of AI miners will be dispatched across the globe, with the exception of mainland China.

The DBC AI mining (DBC AIM) machines serve as “fully fledged AI servers specialized for AI computing” that combine mining incentives with “high‐performance GPUs suitable for AI training.” DBC AIMs will be released in models that range from decentralized AI data storage nodes to 2GPU, 4GPU, and 8GPU cloud servers.

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AI Training Net

From November 21st through December 31st, DeepBrain Chain is offering an equivalent of 500 DBC tokens to new users of the DBC AI Training Net. Participants will be able to participate if they operate between one and eight DAC AIM’s.

To participate, users must register at the following link:

And are then required to fill out the following form:

Participants will be able to qualify for an additional 6-hour free trial by doing the following:

  • Sharing their AI Training Net experience on social media (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, etc.), plus receive 20 or more likes
  • Submit three or more suggestions to improve the platform or report bugs to the DBC GitHub

Once completed, users must submit proof of social media posts or reports to GitHub in the following Google Document: