Red Pulse has released a development report, which highlights two new features to its Phoenix platform. Phoenix is a Steemit-like platform that uses its own PHX token to enable an open sharing economy for financial and market research.

The first major update by Red Pulse is the addition of a company directory to the Phoenix platform. This directory allows users to filter companies by location, size, exchange, market cap, and revenue.  Users will also be able to view other company information such as address, website, industry, and financials.

Secondly, a watchlist has been added to the Phoenix platform, which allows users to create customizable feeds comprised of event notes and articles for companies on the list. Looking forward, Red Pulse aims to include the ability for users to receive an “e-mail digest” of their watchlists.

Other minor updates were made to the platform, including UX improvements, an overhauled UI and codebase optimization.

The full report can be found at the below link: